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Save the Child

Save the Child is one of the prominent and proud sponsors of AshaJyothi. They have been strong advisors of protecting special needs children who are vulnerable and abandoned.


With the generous support from Save the Child, we at AshaJyothi are managing to take care of many children with different challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Physical Challenges, MR, Speech & Hearing Impairment and Blindness


Cerebral Palsy

40+ Children with Cerebral Palsy have been nurtured and taken care at AshaJyothi.




Downs Syndrome

More than 50 children with Downs Syndrome have received benefit from rehabilitation programs sponsored by Save the Child. Some of these children also suffer from epilepsy and medication is administered on daily basis.


Disabled and Cognitively Challenged

Till date over 500 disabled and special needs children benefited from our partnership with Save the Child. Most of the boys and girls who are supported by this initiative are all either abandoned, orphaned and with special needs. Wheelchairs, CP Chairs, Aids and Appliances are provided to the children followed by Physiotherapy. Occasional medical camps, stem cell awareness camps, polio corrective surgeries are also performed to keep their health in check.


Speech and Hearing Impaired

Partnership with Save the Child helped to perform Cochlear Implantation Surgeries followed by 18-month speech therapy sessions 2 deaf and dumb children. This proved a life changing gift for these two little kids who got their hearing and speech back.

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